Fleeting Love

You meet everyone when you travel. Well, maybe not every person you see, but it surely feels like the whole world. Like every corner of the globe is at your fingertips through another person’s eyes or their words. And every now and then, you meet someone special — that SOS. The attraction is subtle. You’re not sure if it’s really there. You’re my new friend. But could it be more than that?

The worst part of saying hello is knowing that very soon you must say goodbye. Chances are you and your SOS will separate and there will be little hope of reuniting. Those who reappear in your travels tend to be the ones you least expect. With luck, you will have both types in your life for as long as you wish.

But I’ll never forget our first kiss. Or how you asked me for that kiss. I’ll never forget how your lips felt against mine. How we both complimented each other equally on our soft bodies and figures and the way we meshed. It hurts after the pleasurable memories rush through my mind and I remember that that may never happen again. It probably will never happen again.

Love is fleeting. As are our words. And our scents and our tastes. But some day, wandering souls will find each other. 

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