Sixth day conclusions

Too many men in this country, and not enough independent women. I felt eyes search me all last night at the bar (La Concha de la Lora) from men who saw a woman alone.

San Jose is dirty but at least you can find peace in the barrios surrounding the city center. This corner of heaven, where Feria Verde takes place, is quite calm. I hear birds chirping, dogs yapping, and men talking. I hear leaves caught in a cool breeze. It’s quite overcast today. Yet the green still shines.

So many cats and dogs here in the barrios of San Jose. Rather than being strays, they all seem to be part of the community in some odd way. Cats are fed and left to roam. Dogs are truly a man’s best friend here. They are the protectors and the ones who stick around. Cats come and go as they please. These aren’t new philosophies to consider. Instead, what I’m noticing, is an openness to/acceptance of an animal’s freedom. I can’t imagine an indoor-only cat in any household (unless a lonely grandmother needs a friend).

I read that Costa Rica’s environmental department has been trying to close the only two government-owned zoos and free as many animals as possible. I hear a lot of complaints about the government and their inattention to modifying infrastructure. But I still think that this country has some sort of blessing, or blind luck, because of their lack of army and their land preservation. It’s a romantic point of view I have. But that’s how stories are made, eh?


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