Kokua Hostel

Kokua’s kitchen is wide and spacious. A handmade tile sink sits between wide wooden counters. Bins underneath are labeled as Alumino, Plastico, Papel, Botellas, and one unmarked bucket for organic compost. A thin stream of water runs from the tap with a black knob that opens and closes a valve leading to a filter. Signs are placed around the kitchen as well as the entire hostel.

Alegria  Amor  Paz  Pura Vida

Live the life you love ♥

Nearly everything here is homemade. Glass bottles are used as decoration and candle holders. Empty paint cans are painted over, adorned with hanging shells, and turned into hanging lamps. Lamp shades are made with woven sticks. Washed out jars are turned into potpourri containers and are used as glasses in the kitchen.

Green plantains grow over the bar that faces the yard. Colorful hammocks hang between the palms. The smoking lounge is in the back of the yard with a hollow palm trunk acting as an ashtray.

Each bathroom in the hostel has its own character with surfboards, small glass jars filled with shells and soap, potpourri jars, trash cans, wooden tables.

Máximo and Fátima, the two in charge of the whole operation, use wood for every piece of furniture in the house, kitchen and yard. They rented and built the place into a cozy rustic getaway in the quiet town of Santa Teresa. The dorms and private rooms are labeled with small painted wooden boards that are labeled as MarTierraCielo, and Fuego. The ocean is close by, with Playa La Lora and Playa Hermosa an easy walk or ride away. Reggae music can be heard wherever you go.

Santa Teresa, in the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica, is a surfer’s paradise.

View from the yard
View from the yard
Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa

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