Casa del Parque

I’m sitting in the patio at Casa del Parque at 7:30 a.m. Sipping on a warm cup of coffee with a dash of milk. Potted birds of paradise decorate the lobby and common areas of the hostel. Yesterday, while sitting in the patio and chatting with Andre, Kenny, Milagro and Fred, I spotted a hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower on one of the palms.

The temp is cool in the morning with grey clouds overhead. The sun warms the city by the afternoon when more dark clouds carry thick rain drops that fall every day during the wet season. At night it is cool once more.

A bonsai tree propped in the center of a round table calls to me. There are no flowers. Only green leaves and the brown twisting trunk.

There are at least 30 plants crowding the edge of the cozy patio. Many are potted and some are vines that wrap their roots around the lattices and the gutters.

A shy thin Calico cat roams in and out of the property, mostly ignoring the people who inhabit it. I love how cats have the power to survive in nearly any environment totally independent from outside intervention. They ignore those who serve no purpose to them.

Mis amigos sleep upstairs in the 10-bed mixed dorm. I think I was awoken by the sunlight.

Now that my caffeine fix is complete, I’m ready to take in a new day.

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